About Us

OUR GOAL: To deliver life dreams and bucket list wishes to adult Canadians with life-threatening illness.

We are a group of cancer patients and medical professionals starting a “Bucket List Foundation” to support adults with life-threatening diseases in pursuit of life wishes and bucket list goals.

Healthcare and related expenses wreak havoc on the family budget. Inco9806697_1462635690.9693_funddescription.me is slashed and expenses rise, kicking those “someday” trips and adventures to the curb at a time when they are most meaningful.

Psychology and medical professionals agree realization of life dreams and wishes improves quality of life and medical outcomes for terminally ill patients. Unfortunately, the financial burden of life threatening disease prevents most people from pursuing their Bucket List goals.
Your generous contribution will help us launch the Bucket List Foundation by paying for registration as a charitable organization, building a website and coordinating our first volunteers.

When our website launches, you, our GoFundMe supporters will be the first invited to nominate a deserving patient for participation in the bucket list program.

Please give generously, “like” the donations from others and visit every day to use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to spread the word.


We may not change the world, people. But we will change some people’s worlds.

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Please spread the word :)